Where to start? The beginning I guess ( I call this the beginning because this was the day of my diagnosis) . It was a Tuesday morning I had an appointment with my Consultant at 9:15am. I had gone to work that morning with no real worries in my head. Myself and my partner arrived at the hospital and we’re sent to clinic 2. The wait wasn’t long which thinking back was a clear pointer good news wasn’t on it’s way. We sat at the doctors desk and then he let us know, I had Duodenal Cancer. It’s a rare cancer especially for someone of my age (I was 36 at the time) this cancer was usually found in older people around 65+. To say it was a shock was an understatement. He left and pulled the curtain to give us time to be with the news. My partner held me and cried, I felt kinda numb. So we stood there for a few minutes in silence which I broke with the words “right shall we go get the Christmas lights”.

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